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PyroCMS original authors documentation

PyroCMS function and Bootstrap integration documentation




Documentation published here relates to PyroCMS versions 2.4

The original PyroCMS documentation has been published by Enliven Applications, a web consulting company based in Boston, Massachusetts for many years and can be found here on their pages. We publish a copy of those pages simply to ensure that this documentation continues to be available to you.


Below is part of the original publication of information about PyroCMS. This is published to acknowledge the people who created and shaped the system.




PyroCMS is a CMS built using the CodeIgniter PHP framework. Using an MVC architecture it was built with modularity in mind. Lightweight, themeable and dynamic.

PyroCMS Community Edition is free to use, redistribute and/or modify for any purpose whether personal or commercial however you must retain the copyright in your source code and in the footer of the administration.




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